Messy Girl Gets a Bib

After our tour of the submarine caves and visiting Her Lady of the Rock, we told our guide we wanted some really good seafood. He parked the boat and walked us into the old town, past the walls and the old entry gates, and lead us to this little restaurant. We walked quite a ways before he stopped and found us a table at his favorite restaurant for seafood.


The food was fantastic, but even more so was our waiter. 


Chloe doesn’t like fish so he made fun of her for that. Then after her pasta dish arrived and she made a mess of herself, he brought her a bib to wear. And when she didn’t finish her meal, he told her she should eat everything on her plate.

Chloe had a great sense of humor about it and wore her bib back on the boat since she has a knack for getting anything saucy she eats on her shirt…especially since she wears a lot of white.

All our seafood cravings came true.

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