Our Lady of the Rocks

After our tour of the former Yugoslav submarine caves our boat driver took us over to a little island with a great big history.


The island is man-made, the continuous commemoration of two fisherman who, back in July 22, 1452, discovered an icon of the Madonna and child on a rock or floating in the water. It was decided that a church should be built there and so they began to lay a rock in that spot after returning from every successful voyage. Later, they sunk seized and derelict ships filled with rocks to build up an island for a church. Every year since, on July 22nd, people from all over come and drop more rocks on the site and the little island grows along with their faith.

Two little man-made islands sit next to each other in the Bay of Kotor.

Getting to Our Lady of the Rocks and the submarine caves by speedboat was a lot faster ride than we are used to on board Bedouin.

You can see the growth of the island by the different colors and stratified lines.

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