Bosun Like a Boss

We headed back to Porto Montenegro and rented a slip for the boat for a few days and to pick up our oldest daughter Cheyenne and her husband Clark who should be arriving tomorrow.


Getting into a slip is, well, slippery. It takes some finesse from the captain to back in to a narrow parking spot and squeeze in between the boats. But Mark does it all smoothly and makes it look easy. As we back in there’s always a line handler or two ready and waiting for us to toss a line to and help tie us up to the dock cleats. As we backed in, the line handler must have been new, he caught the tossed line and then for some odd reason pulled it off to a far cleat and let slack in the line. The slack was enough for the line to be loose enough to catch the prop. Not good.


Luckily we were perfectly situated at the dock and Mark quickly turned off the engines. We tossed the second line and it was successfully tied to the cleat. We were fine, except for the line that was now caught in the starboard prop.


They sent out some divers to come unwind the line, but Chloe wasn’t having it. She and Mark got their suits on and jumped in. Before they got there, she had gotten it unwound and freed. She takes her Bosun job seriously. The girl’s got skills.

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