They’re Here!

Our oldest daughter Cheyenne and her husband Clark finally arrived on the boat. A little jet-lagged but super stoked to finally see what their parents idea of a retirement home looks like. 


It should be a fun couple of weeks, especially since we have more working deckhands. 


Clark managed to stay awake into the evening but as soon as he got to his bed he was OUT.

Chey and Clark will need all sleep they can get. We think our bosun Chloe has some serious deckhand training in store for them tomorrow. 


We’re excited they are finally here!

A sister reunion...

Today, Chloe is crewing by bringing on board the bags, tomorrow–we’re pretty sure she’ll be bossy bosun with her new crew doing most of the work.

...And he's out!

Sleep well Clark, Bosun Chloe has big plans for you tomorrow!

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