Certainly Not a Typhoon

Since we’re working our way to the Split airport so our oldest kids can catch a new flight on another airline, we decided to scoot around Vis—a spectacularly laid back Croatian island. 


Our scooters were called “Typhoons” but someone at the moped factory got a little over-zealous on model naming day. As we sadly discovered, each of the bikes were more like various degrees of breezes. 


I’m happy to report that my scooter had the most spunk of the three but hardly anything that would quality as a “typhoon.”  Meanwhile, Mark & Chey shared a bike that had the pep of a mild breeze. Their mode of travel was like a walk/ride to reach the top of the hills, while Clark ended up with what we sailors would call “the doldrums” since the slightest incline would find him getting off to push it.


This all provided a lot of laughs, especially for me, since my bike had enough pep to get me anywhere and I was never out of breath like the other three were. I’d zoom to the top and then wait and wait and wait for them to trudge up and find me.  


It took some time, but we finally made our way up the hill to the parking area at the trailhead for a short hike up to see Tito’s cave, where the Yugoslav leader hid out from invading Nazi forces. It was also a cool place for the boys to hide out in the cave’s shade are rest from the ravages of their under-powered scooters.


Touring the island, especially the down hill segments and taking in the incredible scenery along Vis’ spectacular Dalmatian Coastline made for a blissful day. Wending our way around the island made us miss both the motorcycles we sold just before moving onto the boat.


Thankfully, an afternoon wearing a goofy helmet and some curvaceous island roads seemed to quench the need for a ride. And despite the fact that a few of us had to push our bikes uphill, a day with a throttle was blissful.

Clark finds the branding of his gutless moped a bit suspicious. 

Exploring Tito’s Cave Hideout

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