The Rules Don’t Apply

It’s always a blast to play games at night out on Bedouin’s cockpit. It’s even more fun to play with our kid’s spouses who had their own way of playing the same games growing up with their families. It always seems the rules we followed were different–apparently, we may not have been good at reading all the fine print.


Clark often fact checks the way we play and when he finds an error in our methods we simply ignore our grievous game transgressions and claim the house–or boat in our case–has different rules.


But not before he gives us the stink-eye.



Our favorite go-to games when crew come aboard are:

  • Liar’s Dice
  • RummiKub
  • Shanghai Rummy
  • Five Crowns
  • Jackal

...and of course a shout out to Grandpa Beck for our other favorite games:

  • Skull King
  • Cover Your A$$ets


Our daughter Chloe used one of the blank cards in Grandpa Beck’s “Skull King” to make a SKILL King card with  Captain Skillman featured on it. Our SKILL King beats all the cards in the deck except the yellow two.


He says that’s because he tries to “always look out for the little guy.”


But if you’ve seen him play cards, you’d likely disagree with that statement.

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