A Pringles Problem

The pop of a Pringles can has led our oldest daughter down the rabbit hole into a pernicious addiction. Once she discovered their Paprika flavored crisps her brain turned into orange dust and has become preoccupied with the procurement of Pringles. And if she finds a can anywhere, she will dispose ALL of them from the store shelves and subjugate them in her shopping cart.


They are that good.


But all good things often have a dark side. There is a Pringles problem: You can’t find them back in the states. The orange ones in the U.S. are cheddar cheese flavored, which, are a sad tasteless substitute for the piquancy of paprika.


Therefore, our daughter has gone on a quest. In the ensuing days before her departure, she visited all the local grocery stores and gas station mini-marts and grabbed every last can she could find. Then left half her clothes and probably some of the trinkets she should be bringing back to her children, and made room for her cans of orange glory.


Problem solved. 


Until they’re all eaten up anyway.

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