Klis Fortress

After our walk through the ruins on the outskirts of Salona, we drove up to Klis Fortress. It’s perched up high so as to deter attacks. After driving up the steep road, Mark and I decided that was a well played decision. Without a rental car, we decided we wouldn’t have made an attack on such a place had we been commanded to do so back in the day. Way too much climbing. 


But up at the top we were rewarded with great views and within the fortress walls we found a beautiful church—Church of St. Vitus. The Ottomans ruled Klis for a time and the church seems to be a beautiful architectural blend of Muslim and Christian faiths. 


There’s a stone plaque above the church’s entrance that says in Latin, “What faith has built, faith will preserve.”


Let’s hope this little chapel is preserved for a long time to come. It made me think about this morning’s service in the little congregation in Split. Faith built that too, and their deep abiding faith is what will preserve it.

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