Jezero Mir

It was the guidebooks fault we decided to sail up to Jezero Mir.

And honestly, we were expecting just a nice sail with something less inspiring than the guidebook photos when we showed up.  I mean, look at that photo. Seriously, what?!


But we got all the way up there and we were disappointed that we weren’t disappointed. You see, we crammed in this little adventure into a couple of free days, and thinking it wouldn’t be as cool as it looked, knew we could come, conquer, and write it off as a photoshopped fantasy. But it was the real deal.


Our two little days here were not enough. 


It was spectacular, though you can’t tell from our photos since they are screenshots from our drone footage. But we put up a fun reel on our instagram that shows off just how mind-boggling this natural wonder is.


We sailed along the high cliff coast and then remarkably into what looks like an elevated interior lake. But it’s all ocean. We anchored there and then did some hiking around and it was pure bliss.


The only disappointing thing about the guidebooks suggestion is that we didn’t have more time to stay and play.

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