One More Split Sunday

We headed back down from Jezero Mir on Saturday so we could attend the Split Branch one more time. Those people are just soul-filling and we had to return.


The Flanders family were also there, bringing Flanders joy, and a hilarious video of their dad Matt crashing on his one-wheel on the way to church that morning. Luckily he survived without much injury and got it all on video so his two boys could show everyone at church and laugh at poor Matt’s expense.


Ruby, their daughter snapped a polaroid of the three of us together, a great tradition she uses to keep a reminder of all the people she’s met along her own adventures.


This place and it’s purpose, is a great blessing we were thankful to be a part of today.

The sister missionaries are rockstars. 

This Elder was called to serve in Russia and was transferred here to Croatia. He and the other missionaries he was serving with, in a very small way, recognize the harrowing experiences so many refugees are overwhelmed by. He is here using his language skills to help.


Here among the branch, there is a young Ukrainian boy who depends on his translation skills each Sunday as he comes to church.


Language barriers are big and he is working to soften what has to be an overwhelming time for others.


This is the newest member of the Split branch. We didn’t share a common language, but impish people recognize each other and speak a special language. She was full of spunk and she didn’t let anything stop her from communicating with me.



Mark and I were pretty honored to make it onto Ruby’s Hall of Fame wall back on her boat. 

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