Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

When TLC warned us not to go chasing waterfalls, perhaps it was because you may have to pass under some very low looking bridges. Ones that never looked especially low from the vantage point of a car, but when sailing beneath them, as we do now, boy do they look loooooooow.


We were headed to see Croatia’s famous Krka Falls but to get to them by water, you must sail up a river, which also means you must sail under a bridge. It is quite the adventure for novice bridger, as we are. It requires you to do a little math, calculating how high said bridge is and how tall said boat is. This isn’t a case where you want to get the math wrong and forget to move a decimal point like you might have done back in junior high on a math quiz.


Remarkably, as you get closer, you can peek under the bridge and see scars–scrapes from the masts of people who didn’t get their math calculations just right. This makes you sweat a bit and re-check you work. As you look up your point of reference is all the more scary as it appears as though you’re closer than you really are.


We put up a reel in our “Firsts” of us motoring under our first bridge. Luckily it doesn’t record our breath holding or perspiration as we did so. But it looks just as intimadating on the reel as it did in real life.


TLC may have some sage advice about chasing waterfalls, but sticking to the rivers and the lakes isn’t a helpful solution since we just discovered they often include a lot of low bridges too.


Our advise is to chase the waterfalls but double check the math.

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