He Sews Down by the Seashore

Mark packed his Sailrite sewing machine with us when we left the states to move onto the boat. He had to take it out of its hard case and stuff in precariously into a hard-shell suitcase. This was carted along with another hard-shell case that contained an actual kitchen sink. Both of these treasures we packed with us have been used a lot.


Today he brought the Sailrite out to make some hanging pockets for our super long free-diving fins. We use those fins a lot but they get awkwardly tossed around when we’re not using them.


Lucky for us he’s got some sweet sewing skills and we packed along some miscellaneous fabrics from our generous friends over at Sharps Tarps back in Oregon.


A little fabric, some velcro, and Mark’s magic touch and in less than an hour we had a place to neatly keep our dive fins. Voila!

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