Swimwear Conundrum

A little swimwear conundrum has caused a bit of a crisis onboard Bedouin. 


I recently noticed that while I’m constantly jumping in the water to cool off all day long, Mark doesn’t seem to use our “backyard pool” as often as I do. 


When I asked him why, he said he hates his shorts forever dripping afterwards and hates changing into dry shorts a million times a day after every swim. 


I told him that’s exactly why the men over here don’t wear American board shorts—all that fabric is cumbersome and doesn’t dry very fast. Then I told him he was missing out on not swimming fifty million times a day like I do (and fifty million is a low estimate) and that he should just go Euro and get some european swim briefs or full Euro and wear nothing at all. 


An hour later I heard a splash off the back of the boat and found this on the deck. 


Apparently our captain chose option 2. 


This post is a public service announcement. You’ve all been sufficiently warned. 

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