A Big Jog to a Little Waterfall

A shoutout to our new friends on svPaloma. They posted their visit to this waterfall earlier in the season and so we made a point to hunt it down and check it out after transiting the Lefkas canal and settling in to Nidri. Once the big blows finally calmed down we decided the weather window was good enough to do some exploring.


We weren’t sure if there was much water left in the falls this time of year, so Mark took the dingy to town and decided to make his morning jog a scouting expedition to find out if there was much to see. It must have been a formidable run since he returned home with both good news and bad news. The good news was the falls had enough water still to look somewhat like a waterfall and the bad news was that it was an uphill hike that he was now too tired to take since he just ran the whole thing.


Lucky for us there one a moped rental place in town and so we hopped on a bike later that morning and took the short jaunt back up to the trailhead by scooter.


The hiking trail up to the falls was an easy stroll through which meandered through rock archways. Even though there wasn’t much water is coming off the falls this time of year, we always find places like this pure magic. Especially when you head up in the morning and have it all to yourself.


Glad svPaloma saved us a little water.

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