Impromptu Slumber Party

After transiting the Corinth Canal, we were now on the eastern side of Greece in the Aegean Sea. This put us near our friends Karen and Marcel. Last year we bought our boat from them and a fabulous new friendship came with the purchase.  They have spent the entire season sailing their new Lagoon catamaran all the way from the factory where it was built in France and, at long last, we are all within ferry distance from each other.


We were now docked at a nearby marina in Athens to work on some boat projects. And since the Bakkers were just one island away, we decided to hop on a ferry to go and see them and tour their new boat. Their new catamaran is AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL and it was great to see them after a year of texting back and forth. 


A few days later, we decided one reunion wasn’t enough and so Karen and Marcel took the ferry over to see us in Athens. We spent another fun day together enjoying what can only be described as a comedy of errors. It started out innocently, with the four of us shopping for boat parts. Then it got really adventurous once Mark lost his wallet. This resulted in a visit to the police department, an afternoon canceling credit cards, and a certain someone mulling over their life choices when it came to keeping their man bag zipped up securely.


Once the mid-morning’s excitement settled, we enjoyed an awesome lunch on the quay and a stroll along the marina whilst drooling over a yacht with a swimming pool on its aft deck.


At this point we mistakenly thought our day full of comedic snafus were behind us. But the end of the day held a mischievous surprise when we walked with Marcel and Karen back to the ferry dock and discovered that they had literally missed the boat.


Happily we had just the place for them to stay.


This little impromptu sleepover was hilariously awesome, but I bet Karen and Marcel never thought they’d be sleeping in the guest cabin on their old boat.


Here’s to missing more ferries!

…And to keeping your man-bag properly zipped.

Waiting for Marcel & Karen at the ferry dock

Posh Pool

Missed the boat

Guests on their old boat

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