It’s the Browns!!

What an INCREDIBLE SURPRISE to be reunited with our friends Dave and Quida! 


We met them back in 2019 on a cruise around the South Pacific. Every day we would see them sitting around the same table with a group of their friends playing cards. That table was full of so much laughter and banter that it magnetically pulled us in. It didn’t take long for us to go over, introduce ourselves, and become the new kids at the card table. 


Dave and Quida have since become some of our favorite people on the planet. Mark and Dave have called or emailed each other every couple of months for the last several years. 


When we decided at the last minute to skip the plane and take a cruise that was transitioning back to Florida where our daughter Chloe works—we never imagined it would bring us back together with Dave and Quida!


Luckily it was the gregarious table full of happy people, cards, and laughter that helped us spot them—what a surprise and what a reunion it was! 

We also Met a new friend Charlie. He is the most wonderful man. 


Mark and Charlie discovered they both ran the 2013 Boston Marathon, the year things took a tragic turn. It’s amazing how common experiences can make an instant friend out of a stranger.


The two bonded and shared victories and a few tears over the myriad of experiences they had that day. 

Discovering old friends and making new ones is always the sweet spot of life.

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