Florida & Friends

A favorite beach with some of our favorite kids!


We made it to Florida and we’re so HAPPY to see our youngest daughter Chloe! 

A little beach time and a lot of catching up with a few of our awesome and ever-growing collection of kids we adore. 


—our apologies to our son Connor who introduced us to Cocoa. He will find out we came here without him and we’ll all be in big trouble.  Since he’s currently half a world away in sub-arctic temperatures, we tried hard not to enjoy his favorite little surf spot nor the blissful sunshine.

You know you got the right cab driver when he shares his morning breakfast with you. 


We got a ride and a fresh coconut, which was seriously supposed to be his breakfast. But we had so much fun on the ride over to our car rental place, that he wanted to give us a parting gift.


Generosity makes the world go round. And so does a fresh coconut.

Headed to see Chloe and Coco.

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