On this episode of “Hoarders” the Bedouin crew has arrived safely in Greece with all EIGHT of their bags.


E I G H T. 


We looked like American excess. 


Last year we brought over a sewing machine and even a new kitchen sink. 


This year we’ve got five new hatches—wait, make that six, two new radios, AIS, 25 new deck lights to swap out the half lit and burned out ones that were hard to source in Greece, massive new window screens Mark recently sewed to replace our aging ones, and Starlink. Plus a thousand other bits and pieces for the boat. 


Please tell us there’s a sub-genre for a helpful kind of hoarding. 


Mark and I packed only one extra change of clothes in all those bags since we keep all our personal stuff on Bedouin. 


Here’s hoping the transportation strike is over tomorrow and we’ll figure out how to get our excesses all on the ferry with us. That may prove to be the most formidable leg of the journey and scintillating episode of hoarders yet. 


Hoarding isn’t for the faint of heart—or for people who will inevitably be renting a teeny tiny euro car to transport it all from the ferry to the marina where the boat is dry docked. 


But here we go! Let the sailing season begin!




💔💔 The strike today was a demonstration of the Greek people’s call for the government to fix a long neglected and aging transportation system that recently and tragically led to a head-on train collision that killed 57 people. 


We were more than willing to wait an extra day here in Athens while Greece, a country full of people we have come to love and learn so much from, can gather together and promote important changes so that a deadly disaster like this will never happen again. It has plunged the country into both anger and sadness and ours into heartfelt sorrow.

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