Vans, Ferries, and Tiny Euro Cars

With the ferry strike over, we successfully got our bags through a series of vans, ferries, a tiny euro car, then at last up the ladder and on board Bedouin. 


We were happy to see Marcel and Karen and their tiny rented car waiting for us at the docks when we arrived on Aegina. They’re the former owners of our boat—their new catamaran and ours are neighbors and happily dry docked in the same marina. 


Mark and Marcel performed a dockside miracle when we disembarked the ferry, the boys somehow managed to stuff all the luggage in that tiny car. Happily, for Karen and me, there wasn’t any room left for us in the car so we were left on the quay in search of a nice lunch. 


Over the next couple of weeks we’ll get our boats ready to splash. Lots of washing, unpacking, a few upgrades, and hopefully a couple of land adventures while we’re here on the island.

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