A Little Support

All the posh luxury boats in the yard have their own support vehicles. And our neighbors over on the 61’ charter yacht “Namaste” had an impressive van with their massive lotus logo on the side. 


Not to be outdone, Karen, Marcel, Mark and I decided we could spice up our shared rental car and be almost as posh. 


We may not be a €24,900 a week luxury yacht like fancy pants Namaste, but we’d like to think our logos on our Hyundai has given us an upgraded look. 


…plus, we got two support cars for the price of one.

A little blue painter’s tape and a couple printed pages and we’ve gotten a bit more fancy. Starboard door is Bedouin and Port side door is Kiri Maia! We just have to remember to pull up to each of our boats facing the correct direction!

Unfortunately the paid working crew of Namaste got their boat work done so fast we didn’t get a photo of the cool van they got to drive around. But here’s a look at her from photos on her website…She’s out there enjoying the water and back in the yard both our crew-less boats have a lot more work to do!

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