A 33 Church Kind of Sunday

We took advantage of our beautiful little island of Aegina and headed out for a Sunday stroll not far from our boat yard in Planaco to hike a nearby hillside dotted small churches. These tiny chapels are the Mystras of Aegina, and they sit along the slopes overlooking the valley below like aged old men who have just enough energy to admire the view. 


We wandered along the meandering path that winds its way around the hill visiting each of them, taking in their different contours and patinas, being careful to latch each chapel door behind us as we left. 


Some say there was a little church for every day of the year clustered along these slopes, but today there are about 33 left. 


So we trudged the paths and set out to see them all. Many just a literal stones throw from the other. 


Many date back to the 12th century. Remarkably, they are all still infrequently used and preserved in varying degrees. 


A Nice little Pilgrimage on a Sunday afternoon. 

This friendly local was sitting outside the chapel that was most preserved on the inside. He had a key and offered to unlock the church and gave us a tour.

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