Meltemi Fashion Week

The Milan Fashion Week this year was at the end of February, and if you missed it, fear not, because today we give you Meltemi Fashion Week. 


Yes, here on Bedouin we’ve got all the latest fashions from the poop deck. 


This meltemi season the vibe is definitely all about head fashion—beanies and hoodies seem to be the centerpiece for this spring’s wardrobe. The layered look, featuring grey tones seem to be the demur choice of color. Footwear also seems to be playing a big roll with a trend towards shark socks.


Hair accessories are out and the windswept look, with minimal hair brushing is making a splash.  An effortless appearance seems to be the preference by those coordinating their looks to suit the lifestyle of people who are sure to get soaked as they take their small dinghy to and from the docks. Hair slicked back by a rogue wave not only adds texture, but a carefree vibe to the ensemble.


These latest fashions have taken the crew of Bedouin by storm. It’s all about survival out here during Meltemi Fashion Week.

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