Lovely Linaria

With just a few stops left on our way out of Türkiye, we found a tiny little marina nestled onto a small town quay in Linaria Harbor on Skyros. When we discovered an overnight stay would only cost us €32 we booked a little slip and headed over to spend the night.


Since it’s still early in the sailing season, there was plenty of room for Bedouin and Kiri Maia 2 to live the easy life for 24 hours on the quay. 


As we were backing in, the first thing we saw was a book exchange shelf right on the quay next to our slip—there cannot be a better greeting than that. I fully intend on sinking this little boat of ours with my books.


We put out the fenders, lashed out boats to the cleats, put down our passerelles, and enjoyed a little shore time by lugging our laundry over to the marina’s laundry room, taking hot showers in their super clean facilities, and eating in a restaurant just a few steps from our boats. Life on easy street.


Having the little town to ourselves, we soaked up this impromptu slice of heaven. Since we were the only tourists in sight, people there were going about their day without having to cater to mobs of tourists that would soon be descending on this lovely little town. It was refreshing to get a peek into their lives for a day.


At lunchtime, the restaurant across from our boat soon became the center of the town’s heartbeat, as tables were shoved and hemmed together, tablecloths spread, and a collection of townspeople clustered around for a hearty meal and conversation. and filled the quay with laughter and gossip and some music. Over the afternoon the music became louder and louder until it reached a crescendo that jolted the ladies to their feet and soon, dancing commenced. 


I couldn’t help but smile. Greeks being Greeks. It was beautiful to watch these timeless traditions—food, family, dancing—bring them together as it has for centuries.


Later that day, a ferry came in and more locals disembarked. Among them was a funeral procession. Many wearing black, all with sullen faces and traces of tears. This gathering, though less joyful, was equally beautiful in its togetherness and tradition. 


Our brief stay in Linaria felt like an indulgence. A big slice of Greek life that filled our bones with gratitude for the Greek people and their beautiful traditions.

Major Kudos to Linaria for having the most impressive recycling center!

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