Cat Crimes

In Linaria, we enjoyed a nice dinner on the quay. All was still quiet in this little town and the locals seemed to be enjoying the quiet of their quay without the frenzied mobs of tourists that are soon to arrive.


At dinner, a woman came to our table to take our order, it was just her and the cook, no need for a bustling staff just yet. There were no menus, so she just recited the only english words she knew for food they served. She could only say the words for “calamari” and “pork chops” so that’s what we had.


Later a local man came to eat and because he could converse with he server, he had more of the menu to choose from and his meal looked amazing.


The calamari we got served was more than we could eat so we made the mistake of feeding some to the ten different cats that had gathered around our table. There are always cats. And they love dinner time.


One of the quay cats was a patient and scheming feline who got the bright idea to just follow Marcel back to Kiri Maia 2 instead of fighting for scraps at our table with the other strays. His plan was the long game, and so he waited for us to leave and attempt to get at the rest of Marcel’s leftovers the easier way. It was a pretty bold move, but he stealthily followed him back to the boat and came right aboard without Marcel noticing the cat sneaking up the passerelle. 


I watched the whole thing happen and instead of warning Marcel at first, I decided taking photos was way more important. After documenting the would-be crime scene, I figured it would be best to warn Marcel that he had been boarded—bringing an unregistered animal into Türkiye is not the way to enter a new county. 


This poster we saw as we checked into Türkiye warns you about how sad your pet will be when they put you in jail for bringing an unregistered animal into the country. A very sober warning of sorts. Luckily for Marcel, the cat didn’t sneak back on board in the middle of the night.


From this poster, you can see that had Marcel gone to jail, his sneaky cat wouldn’t have missed him as much as it would have missed his ball of yarn—though I have yet to see any ferrel cat around here with a ball of yarn.

And I’m still a bit confused as to who is bringing in their pet monkey. And hilarious that the bird whose owner is locked up is not missing his owner either, but instead missing out on the chance to make out with another bird.


At any rate, thanks to Marcel, who sent the poor stray right back to shore, the only animal that missed anything was the poor cat who didn’t get that calamari dinner.

Almost a Feline Felony...

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