Midair Madness

Our last little Greek town before making the short crossover to Türkiye was Inousses where we found a little island with three churches on it.


After walking around Inousses’ quiet little town, we motored our way over to the island nearby to check out the three churches. The wind was whipping but our concern overhead was more for the swooping and pooping birds above. As we trudged the trails we decided it was best to put our hoodies on. It seems it was baby bird season and our presence seemed to cause a great commotion—and one which seemed we might pay dearly for in the way of having laundry to do after our hike.


Luckily all turned out well. We spotted some baby birds, found our way to two of the three churches, and returned back to the boats poop free. Laundry crisis averted.

Inoussses Town

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