How to Artichoke

The little town of Ildir, seems to be hemmed in by large swaths of artichoke fields. In town, we stumbled upon a little artichoke stand where a man was effortlessly spinning whole artichokes into hearts at an impressive rate. 


Mark was raised just thirty minutes from the Artichoke Captal of the World, so his love for artichokes is unmatched. And once we saw the man had bucket fulls of artichokes, we talked him into selling us the whole ones.


Our friends Marcel and Karen over on Kiri Maia 2 had never eaten an artichoke like this before and so we decided it was time to teach them the fine art of deconstructing the beastly vegetable and eating it.


We bought four of them and brought them back to the boat. Later that evening had a lesson that got to the heart of it. I’m not sure they were impressed, but Mark and I were thrilled.

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