Soaking up Ildir

We spent the afternoon checking out Ildir until the wind kicked up and we decided it was probably a good idea to head back to our boats.


By the time we reached our dingy the swells had kicked up and made it one wet and wild ride back to the boats.


We were all taking on massive tsunami-like waves that were breaching the front of our poor yellow dingy. Not even halfway to home, we were a salty soaked mess. 


Mark dropped me off and then had to bail the water out of the dingy before he could continue on and take a very drenched Marcel and Karen back to Kiri Maia 2.


Soaking up the sights today was definitely memorable.

The top photo was curiously a boat with the neighboring town of Çeşme on it.  We think it may have stayed in Ildir so it wouldn’t get soaked getting back home either.

We got lured into a shop because the owner outside was saying something about “Oils.” 


I’m a fan of oils. Right now I’m loving the amazing olive oils I’ve gotten to cook with. So into the shop Karen and I went.


Well, oils–turned out to be a thickly accented “OWLS”–hand-carved by the owner. He had a detailed explanation about their symbolism and colors he chose when painting his carved owls so Karen and I each bought one.


Karen looked up all of the stuff he said on the internet and found some interesting facts about owls and his theory behind the color symbolism.


Meanwhile, I was still bummed about not getting some really delicious Olive Oils. Although, I guess we now have a fine pair of owls guarding our boats and a cautionary tale about accents.

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