Happy World Ocean’s Day

There were two celebratory holidays that occurred today. One we celebrated and the other we did not. 






And in honor of World Oceans Day we took the dingy out and collected trash around the bay of Kotor where we are anchored. And headed to a small shoreline and cleaned up the trash there too. As we slowly motored around scooping up floating debris, a pod of dolphins came to say hello. Perhaps they were celebrating a cleaner ocean with us. 


What did we NOT celebrate? 


National Insect Appreciation Day. 


Yep, some asinine group of people thought insects should have a day of honor and got it on the official calendar. But we bet they’ve never come across the giant water bug that recently climbed up our swim ladder. There is no way we are appreciating a bug that’s as big as the palm of your hand with ginormous pinchers and swims around in the ocean looking for boat swim ladders to climb aboard.


World Ocean Day…

That we wholeheartedly celebrate along with our new dolphin friends!


National Insect Appreciation Day…Noooooooo thank you, not with these kinds of insects lurking in our waters… 

Chloe’s ready for clean-up with her very aggressive looking cleaning gloves.

This was just the stuff floating in the water we pulled out, we had ten times as much we collected on the shore.

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