The Cat’s Meow

This post is for our AWESOME daughter-in-law Rachel who loves cats. 


This little museum was tucked away in a little corner of Kotor Montenegro. We heard about it and went searching for it just to go and celebrate what Rachel loves. 


These quirky off-the-beaten-path experiences really make us smile. If it’s not on an official bucket list—then we love to add those to ours.


She’ll be happy to know it cost €1 and it all goes to helping the local cats here in Kotor. 


There are cat paintings, cat coins, cat games, cat books, and photographs of people with cats—my favorites were the photographs of men in pubs and military photos with some gruff man gently holding a cat. Oh! And the space cat painting for our son Mitchell. 


And of course there were real cats napping all over the museum!


Here’s to Rachel and how PERR-fectly she fits into our family. Cat lover extraordinaire. Today we celebrated you and what you love. We wouldn’t be the same without your awesomeness being apart of our tribe. 

This place was obviously started by a cat lover extraordinaire, it was filled with so many random collections, and of course real cats napping everywhere.

They had walls covered with old photographs that featured a cat in them. We loved this gruff group of men playing cards whilst one was holding a pet kitty. And of course darling Shirley Temple and her cat.

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