Here Comes the Rain

10 Rainy Day Rules:


Pull the plug on the dingy or it will fill up like a bathtub. 



If you disregard rule #1 you will have to don your brother-in-law Tony’s “Gorton’s Frozen Fish Stick’s Hat” and pull said plug to drain your newly acquired aft bathtub. 



Whist following rule #2, pray you don’t get struck by lighting in your ridiculous but very effective hat. 



Check your wind instruments and see if you should start praying that your anchor will hold. (Even if you’ve set it really well the big blows are always worrisome.)



Vote someone as tribute to don Tony’s hat and set up a few fenders in case your neighbors didn’t set their anchors well. 



Put all your electronics in a microwave in case that protect-your-electronics-from-lightning idea isn’t a myth—oh wait, we don’t have a microwave. SKIP RULE SIX. 



Pop some popcorn and watch a movie while you wait out the storm. 



Keep turning volume up on movie to drown out the thunder. 



Once the storm has cleared admire your saltless boat. 



Celebrate by posting photos of your spouse in his ridiculous but effective hat.

Happily in the middle of Rule #7

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