Need to Hide Your Submarine?

Ever wondered where you would hide your submarine if you bought one?


Well, the Yugoslav Army has just the place.

Currently there are three sneaky sub caves available so you’ll want to reserve your spot right away. 


You just can’t find a good hiding place for subs these days. So this is quite the exceptional find. No more lying in bed awake at night mulling over your submarine parking issues. 


These caves are an impressive sight. Inside, some of them have a doorway, basically an opening to a tunnel which sorts itself into cave rooms or beyond them, a labyrinth of passageways to military buildings on the hillside above ground.


The caves were just a short speed boat ride away from our anchorage so we hired a local guide and he sped us to the three caves. The weather here has been windy a lot so during this recent low we took advantage of the calm weather and set out to explore some stealthy sub structures.

These metal overhangs held fake rocks to obscure the cave opening from the air.

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